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One of the best ways to judge a law firm or an attorney is by the reviews received.  Our experience and trial results show given our consistently high rating on review sites as well as testimonials by our clients.  We encourage potential clients to research us prior to retaining us, our results speak for themselves.



Results For Landlord Clients

Investor purchased a home with intent to sell or rent at foreclosure auction.  Former homeowner had not vacated.  Prior to foreclosure the homeowner filed suit, in response to eviction filed for bankruptcy, inside the bankruptcy filed multiple adversary proceedings, and filed numerous lis pendens.  Prior homeowner then appealed each and every ruling and proceeded upward to the Washing State Supreme Court.  We first obtained relief from stay in bankruptcy court to allow the unlawful detainer to complete, we had the sheriff execute the writ of restitution and remove the former homeowner, we then resolved the suits that were filed, we finally expunged the lis pendens.  The property sold shortly thereafter much to the investors relief.

Investor purchased home.  Former homeowner still present in property and claimed color of title/quiet title as defense.  Prevailed at trial utilizing RCW 61.24.127 as a bar against claim for possession.  Obtained writ of restitution and former homeowners evicted.