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One of the best ways to judge a law firm or an attorney is by the reviews received.  Our experience and trial results show given our consistently high rating on review sites as well as testimonials by our clients.  We encourage potential clients to research us prior to retaining us, our results speak for themselves.

Reviews for Elizabeth Powell

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Results For Landlord Clients

Investor purchased a home with intent to sell or rent at foreclosure auction.  Former homeowner had not vacated.  Prior to foreclosure the homeowner filed suit, in response to eviction filed for bankruptcy, inside the bankruptcy filed multiple adversary proceedings, and filed numerous lis pendens.  Prior homeowner then appealed each and every ruling and proceeded upward to the Washing State Supreme Court.  We first obtained relief from stay in bankruptcy court to allow the unlawful detainer to complete, we had the sheriff execute the writ of restitution and remove the former homeowner, we then resolved the suits that were filed, we finally expunged the lis pendens.  The property sold shortly thereafter much to the investors relief.

Investor purchased home.  Former homeowner still present in property and claimed color of title/quiet title as defense.  Prevailed at trial utilizing RCW 61.24.127 as a bar against claim for possession.  Obtained writ of restitution and former homeowners evicted.

Results For Tenants

$66,000.00 award of damages.  Landlord hired unlicensed contractor to make roof repairs.  The roof collapsed.  The landlord then locked out our clients and threw all of their belongings away.  We sued and prevailed.

$39,000.00 award of damages.  Code violations on unauthorized basement sublet.  Water intrusion led to the destruction of clients personal property.  Prevailed at arbitration.

$25,000.00 award of damages.  Landlord and our client had a dispute over rent.  Landlord tricked our clients to come over to discuss the matter.  While discussing, landlord sent agents in to break and enter and take all of their belongs.  We sued and prevailed.

Published case, 2x Deposit + attorney fees.  Thoreson Homes v Prudhon.  Deposit dispute case involving violations of the Seattle Municipal Code.  Prevailed at trial.



Elizabeth jumped right in with both feet to help us do battle with our deadbeat landlord who allowed my family with two small children to live in a house with a completely non-functioning septic system for MONTHS. I am also an attorney, but at the time not licensed to practice in Washington State and certainly not knowledgable in this area of law. Her abiltiy to rattle off portions of the landlord tenant code by section and applicable case law was impressive and her results were as close to ideal as you can get in this situation. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Alyson

I have had many attorneys in my life but NONE who was as helpful as this attorney has been to us. Ms. Powell is extremely knowledgable concerning landlord/tenant laws here in Washington State. Long story short, we had an illegal lease option agreement which we were unlawfully having to pay fees and penalties, losing a huge downpayment on the home, and other issues that if it wasnt for Ms Powell, would have cost us losing hundreds and hundreds of dollars more if she hadn’t taken our case. She was not the first attorney we consulted, but was the first to get to the heart of the matter immediately and explain to us our legal rights in a manner which we could easily understand. After our first conversation with her, we were able to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and knew we were in expert hands. She turns fears into hope and does it all with humor and compassion. THANK YOU ELIZABETH from the bottom of our hearts…

– Lee & Sheila

Elizabeth was very professional in helping me on a very messy real estate matter. Besides displaying consummate professionalism, she is generously helpful and extremely empathetic. She is definitely in the top one percent of attorneys in practice, and is direct, intelligent and savy in handling complex situations.

– Blake