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Mobile Home Tenant Services

Washington Property Law represents tenants who rent a mobile home from a mobile home owner as well as mobile home owners who are renting space from a mobile home park.  Mobile Home Landlord Tenant issues are governed by RCW 59.20 rather than the Residential Landlord Tenant Act, RCW 59.18.  This means there are variations in how tenants are treated in a mobile home scenario from a normal residential tenancy.  Regardless of the differences, we offer a full suite of services from pre-litigation negotiation to trial to appeals.

As one of the only Washington based private law firms that offer tenant services, we are unable to offer free initial consultation on tenant matters due to the volume of calls that we receive.  We charge a flat rate of $150.00 for an initial consultation which includes a review of your lease, accounting, specific facts, and enables us to understand your options and help to provide a solution.

We encourage most potential clients to first explore FREE and PRO BONO options on our resource page prior to engaging our services.  In general, if you have simple questions and your case is not complex or would not require significant litigation, these sources will be more cost effective.  There are links to commonly asked tenant rights questions as well as links to the housing justice project, that provides free representation to qualifying tenants on qualifying matters.

If, however, you do need the resources and skill that a private law firm offers, we can help.  To schedule a paid consultation, please go to our contact page.

Mobile Home Tenants Services

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