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Who We Are:

Washington Property Law is a boutique law firm that focuses on representing landlords, property managers, and investors in regard to landlord & tenant matters as well as other property related issues.  We have physical offices located in Seattle, Everett, & Tacoma and can remotely represent clients throughout the state of Washington.

What makes us a boutique firm is three things.  First, we have extensive experience in all aspects of landlord tenant matters ranging from commercial, to residential, to mobile home issues and can handle anything from routine matters to trial to appeals all the way up to the Washington Supreme Court.  Second, we have experience in related areas of law to include bankruptcy, collections, consumer protection, foreclosure, probate, real property, and other areas that help us to resolve complicated cases that do not go along the normal path and require out of the box solutions.  Third, our practice is narrowly focused on landlord-tenant, real property, and other areas of law that impact those practices.  We are not a general practice firm that handles everything from family law to criminal law cases.

Why You Should Choose Our Firm:

  1. We offer cost effective, flat fee solutions for routine services and reasonable rates for complex representation
  2. We have extensive landlord tenant experience and can represent you all the way from pre-litigation, to trial, to appeal to the WA Supreme Court if need be
  3. We understand other areas of law and how it impacts your case to include bankruptcy, collections, foreclosure, and real property
  4. We have a great bedside manner and love what we do.


We offer a variety of services and solutions to our clients, please click the link most appropriate for your needs for more information.

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